Living Your Strength

For those individuals who wish to print these documents out for placement into a notebook I have included the Table of Contents file.

Section - 1          Introduction


Section - 2          Definitions


Section - 3          Theme Quick Reference Card


Section - 4          All 34 Themes Full Description


Section - 5          Facilitator's Guide - Final


Section - 6          Strengths Developer Goals


Section - 7          Work Sheets







Section - 8          Journaling Your Thoughts


Living Your Strengths Roster


Blessing of Strengths


Parish Mission Statement

Redeemed and united by Christ’s love,

we welcome all to celebrate, grow, and serve with us,

we deepen our faith to be a reflection of Christ

through discipleship and service to others,

and we strive to worship God with joy and devotion.

Strengthened by his Body and Blood we become the Body of Christ

to take up the Cross and make Jesus known, loved, and served.


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