Department of Sacred Music

Mr. Oscar Hernandez, M. Mus.

Director of Sacred Music

More information about the Sacred Music programs and choirs is coming soon!

Instruction on Sacred Music

Tra le sollicetudini was a landmark document for the Catholic Church in the 20th Century regarding the qualities and forms of music used during the liturgy.

Musicam Sacram

The Second Vatican Council issued the Instruction Musicam sacram establishing a number of principles to be used in selecting, executing, and composing sacred music for the liturgy.

Catholic Hymnody

In September 2020, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops released a groundbreaking document regarding hymns used during the celebration of the sacraments in order to guide bishops and pastors in choosing doctrinally solid and orthodox hymns.

Gregorian Chant's Pride of Place

Building from Church documents, history, and the decrees of the Second Vatican Council, Fr. Carter explains in this article published in 2015 why Gregorian chant has "pride of place" in the Mass and other liturgical celebrations.


Parish Mission Statement

Redeemed and united by Christ’s love,

we welcome all to celebrate, grow, and serve with us,

we deepen our faith to be a reflection of Christ

through discipleship and service to others,

and we strive to worship God with joy and devotion.

Strengthened by his Body and Blood we become the Body of Christ

to take up the Cross and make Jesus known, loved, and served.


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