Pastors of Holy Cross Catholic Church

Rev Fr. Noah Carter, STL


2019 - Present

Rev Fr. Paul Dechant, O.S.F.S


2009 - 2019

Rev Fr. Gerry Clark, O.S.F.S


1986 - 1987

Rev Fr. Leon Bolich, O.S.F.S


1973 - 1979

Rev Fr. Joseph Tustin O.S.F.S


1997 - 2009

Rev Fr. Thomas Fitzpatrick, O.S.F.S


1987 - 1997

Rev Fr. Harry McGovern, O.S.F.S


1980 - 1986

Rev Fr. Edward Beatty

Kernersville Mission


1972 - 1973

Rev Fr. John Gavin, O.S.F.S


1979 - 1980

Rev Fr. William Neal Pharr


Kernersville Mission


1969 - 1972


Parish Mission Statement

Redeemed and united by Christ's love, we take up the Cross to make Jesus known, loved and served.
In support of this mission, Holy Cross Catholic Church strives to: 

                * Worship God with joy and devotion;

                * Deepen our faith to be a reflection of Christ through discipleship and service to others;

Strengthened by his body and blood we become the body of Christ.Come worship, grow and serve with us.