Penance Service Schedule for 2020

Our parish “penance service” will be on Monday, March 2, 2020, at 6:30pm. We will have a number of confessors present who will hear confessions in English and in Spanish.


The following is a schedule of penance services throughout the Winston-Salem Vicariate:

Holy Cross                                          March 2, 2020                        6:30pm

Holy Family                                        March 3, 2020                         7pm

Our Lady of the Rosary                      March 9, 2020                         7pm

Holy Angels Catholic Church             March 16, 2020                       6:30pm

Holy Redeemer                                  March 18, 2020                       6pm

Our Lady of Mercy Church                 March 26, 2020                       7pm

St. Leo Catholic Church                     March 24, 2020                       7pm