Parish Staff

    Rev. Noah Carter, Pastor

      Rev. Mr. Tim Ritchey, Deacon

        Fran Petticord, Finance

          Bernadette Goodman, Administrative Asst.

            Denys Davis, Youth Ministry

              Samuel Otwell, Director of Faith Formation 

                Juana Mayra Jacinto Cruz, Spanish Faith Formation & Hispanic Ministry

                  Oscar Hernandez, Director of Sacred Music

                    Richard Habib, Maintenance

                      Martin Mata, Immigration

                        Diana Martinez, Secretary

                          Melanie Feeney-Lewis, Parish Care

                            Rosemary Vasko, Parish Care

                              Sharon Ladd, Bulletin Editor

                                Eddie Thompson, Office Assistant

                                  Laura Fasano, Weekend Secretary


                                  Parish Mission Statement

                                  Redeemed and united by Christ’s love,

                                  we welcome all to celebrate, grow, and serve with us,

                                  we deepen our faith to be a reflection of Christ

                                  through discipleship and service to others,

                                  and we strive to worship God with joy and devotion.

                                  Strengthened by his Body and Blood we become the Body of Christ

                                  to take up the Cross and make Jesus known, loved, and served.


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